Admin Guide

If you can see this page then you are an admin user - this is the highest level of access and as such you are able to do pretty much anything. The site is fairly simple to understand once you get the hang of it, but there are a few really useful things to know, which are explained in these few pages 

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User Management

Types of user

There are three types of user that have access to the system:

1. Standard Users have access to the full catalogue of content and are able to search, download, create clips and collections, and share select videos with donors. All BBC Media Action staff are able to apply for this account.

2. Uploaders are those users who are able to upload content to the system. Typically there are a couple of these users in each country (though in some this number ranges from 1 to 5). They can do everything a standard user can do as well as uploading content and editing content (though they only have access to edit content that thewy uplaoded themselves, so they cannot accidently edit someone elses work).

3. Admin Users are those userw who have full access to the system. They can add, edit and remove anything they wish. There are only a couple of these for the whole organisation, and they are based in London. It is vital that these users are limited only to those who need it.

It is possible for users to view content provided they use a specific link that would have been given to them by a user with access to the system, but that link will only give them access to that record, and no others.

Managing users

Users register for an account themselves by visiting

This will give them access to the system provided they have an approved BBC Media Action email address and they verify their email via the confirmation link that will be automatically sent to them.

The only occasion when you need to intervene is when you want to give someone heightened (uploader or admin) access to the system. Instructions to do that are as follows:

  1. Go to the admin panel (at the top of this page) and click "Manage users/groups" and then "Manage users"
  2. This will give you a list of users where you can find the user you want to give heightened access to (use the search bar to speed up the process)
  3. Once you've found the user, click the pencil icon to the right-hand-side of them and then scroll to the bottom of the next page
  4. Then under "Membersip" select the type of access you want to give the user from the dropdown, click "Add" and then "Save"

Current Uploader List

The following table gives an indication of which country offices have been trained, and which are in progress. It also details those users in each country who have received training:

Country Training Status Uploaders
Bangladesh First phase complete - waiting for second phase
Cambodia First phase complete - waiting for second phase
India Training complete
Kenya Training complete
Myanmar Training complete
Nepal Training complete
Nigeria Training complete
Tanzania Training complete
Zambia First phase complete - waiting for second phase